Sub Lumina

by A Tiny Spider

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suhrim777 Post Rock/Hardcore/Black from Massachusetts. Very good sound and great melodies. Favorite track: A Tree Falls On A Wooded Path.
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released August 1, 2017

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Overgrowth Audio

Artwork by Leah Christine Trickett

Hellmouth Records 2017



all rights reserved


A Tiny Spider Wakefield, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Lilac
Rise with the light
Toil and trample and reach for the night
Cry to the sky and I try to disguise
The weight of my eyelids and palpable fright
Forcing myself outside

Claw at my eyes
Dawn sears the skin dressed upon me by night
Cloaking my body with haze by my right
I couldn't bring myself to face the light
Forcing myself outside

Night falls,
Trees in their mocking
Point to a door
Blocked by my baggage
And all my ill-fitted pain.
Track Name: Violet
The center spins out toward the edge
And I can nigh find respite from the night
Tied, bound from the inside
I find myself, shine-eyed, foolish wight, my life, lowly and trite
I cry nightmare, bleed out through my eyes
Dry skies, I would die, before I'd find the light
Sear my insides, prod me with a scythe
I might find my right, force myself outside

The center returns to the inside
I find wretched life, confide, then decide
Storm clouds cry the light, end eternal night
And I, wishful I, slumber with peaceful sigh.
Track Name: A Tree Falls On A Wooded Path
Hearsay destruction
A tree falls on a wooded path
Sunlight pours down
In streams of a smoking wrath
Withered construction
Of bleeding bark and weeping roots
Come forth the buzzards
Tearing and gnashing at fleshy shoots

Feet step and splash in the blood soaked mud and I can't stand to look
And I can barely stand to look

Bleeding bark and weeping roots
Track Name: Dawn




Like the sound of a trumpet blast.
Track Name: Spacer
At the sullen skies
I look with my wayward straining eyes
And see the sunlight peeking through
The bruised shapes form the outline of a man
Weeping and empty
Rain falls down in torrents
From the sullen eyes
Weeping and empty

The torrent falls
Bleeding ecstasy
I cannot tell if the man smiles or frowns
But I can tell his massive hands yearn for the sky
And I worship this shining angel before me
Pouring down torrential warmth
And I look upon myself with spite
For ever ignoring the wisdom
Of bleeding ecstasy.